PEHKA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides a range of education, research, and advocacy services to promote healthy environments, knowledge development of the public, and support for capacity building of local community groups. Services are provided directly or as a result of linkages developed as a part of services.

We partner with community members and can serve as an incubator to help newly organizing or reorganizing neighborhood groups through our programs:

Community Based Collaborative Research (CBCR) & Action Research are core components of our work that guide our partnerships with principles of mutual decision-making.

Community Environmental Health and Environmental Justice (CEHEJ) works with communities threatened by toxic exposures.

Learning Environments, Evaluation, and Design (LEED) assists in visioning, classroom design, evaluation, online and onsite community education programs, and the creation of healthy and sustainable schools.

Sustainable, Healthy Interior Environments (SHIE) provides community education and resources on indoor environments to address building related illness such as asthma and create socially responsible and sustainable places.

Through connections between various grassroots, community, government, and higher education sources, opportunities emerge for innovation, creative choices for action, and empowerment.

Learn more about our services and partnering with PEHKA by contacting us at: healthyenv@pehka.org.


Our Programs